Kelleg International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Kelleg International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a market-oriented enterprise integrating R&D and designing, procurement, sales and customer service. Kelleg focuses on the field of geotechnical anchoring and is committed to building a professional service platform that integrates system solution provision, product supply and technical support.

Kelleg has extensive product lines, mainly including self-drilling anchor system, rock drilling tool, refined rolled thread bar system, friction bolt, FRP bolt, strand anchor, rebar connecting sleeve, rock drilling rig, drilling tool, grouting machine, jack, etc.

Kelleg's sales network has spread to more than 50 countries including the United States, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Australia, the United Kingdom and South Africa, etc.

Set up service concept, unify service standards, dedicate to customized service concept, fully ensure customer service satisfaction, all-round launch customer service work combined with customer region and grade multi-dimension, and ultimately create the Kelleg brand of featured service.

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